Increasing Situational Awareness and Coordination

Maxxess Systems delivers innovative SaaS solutions that combine otherwise disparate physical security, communications, business intelligence and data integration capabilities onto one unified management platform.

Our InSite™ Event Response Management (ERM) platform provides a unique combination of “systems intelligence” and “human intelligence” to better detect and respond to unfolding events in real time using highly intuitive user interfaces.

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InSite™ Event Response Management

Unplanned events can adversely affect an organization’s operations and bottom line. InSite, a SaaS product, is the first of a new class of Event Response Management [ERM] solutions. InSite coordinates people and systems including all legacy and stand-alone physical security systems they depend on for event detection, reaction and coordination through a managed exchange of trusted messages using existing mobile devices and systems. Nothing operates, functions or looks like Maxxess InSite.

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Maxxess InSite security management software integrates with other security systems

Maxxess InSite combines security systems, communications,
business intelligence, and data integration for maximized coordination.

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