With the launch of our new updated website, it seemed like the perfect time to also launch our new blog. We want to share useful information and insights within our areas of expertise with our community – and we feel that this blog will be a great way to do it.

In the coming months, we plan to publish blogs with information that might be of interest to a broad range of security managers, resource officers, and C-suite managers involved with risk management. In each case, we hope to provide educational, actionable, and practical advice along with some helpful tips, such as advice for planning security system upgrades, ideas for extracting extra business value from situational awareness systems, and factors to guide the review and updating of incident response procedures.

We also intend to share some of our thoughts about broader trends that affect security and event response management. No business exists in a vacuum, and the effects of new threats, new regulations, and new equipment and service offerings trickle down to individual companies in unexpected ways. And, we will consider publishing occasional contributions from guest experts in related fields that support the overall goal of the blog – to share useful information for our community.

Whatever your background or level of expertise, I hope our blog will offer you something useful. And if there is a specific topic you’d like us to write about, or if you would like to suggest a guest blogger for us to consider, please let us know!

Thank you for your support, and we will continue to work hard to be your first choice for empowering your event response management and collaboration systems.


Joel Slutzky, Chairman of the Board