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Powerful Contact Tracing to Combat COVID and Pandemic Spread

Maxxess InSite can also help combat the spread of infectious disease, protecting your staff, schools, and community. The lnSite™ solution cuts your organizational response time from hours or days to just minutes – a critical response factor when someone has tested positive for COVID-19 or any other trigger event.

InSite can send a contact survey question to all potentially affected users in just seconds, and they can respond immediately by selecting the level of contact they have had with the affected individual. No other system can communicate and aggregate the necessary information faster – or more effectively in terms of timeliness, privacy, efficiency, and completeness.

Our Virtual Panic Solution Adds New Levels of Security By….

  • Letting every staff member communicate a panic situation in a matter of seconds

  • Offering a pre-emptive response

  • Empowering your staff to create a secure culture

  • Increasing security coverage throughout multiple locations

  • Helping maintain a consistent set of policies and procedures

  • Minimizing costs of litigation

  • Providing privacy with no need for any new infrastructure