When a Timely Response Becomes Critical

Use Case: Health Risk Management (Contact Survey)

Situation: COVID-19 has been declared a pandemic

Event trigger: A person [Individual A] who has had some interaction with the Enterprise has tested positive for the COVID-19 virus

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Current Response

Elapsed Time: Hours to Days

  1. The Enterprise sends emails and/or text alerts to all affiliates inquiring whether or not they have had contact with Individual A
  2. Affiliates respond via email or text
  3. The Enterprise collects and analyzes all responses, emails or texts. This will largely be a labor-intensive process
  4. The Enterprise implements its policy depending on the responses it receives

• Maintaining a consistent follow-up process is difficult

• There is no way to ensure the privacy or security of the alerts and responses

lnSite™ Response

Elapsed Time: Minutes

  1. The InSite system manager sends an InSite Contact Survey form to affiliates with the question “Have you had contact with Individual A in the past two weeks?”
  2. InSite Mobile users then respond by selecting either Extensive, Incidental, or None
  3. The InSite database aggregates all responses [or non-responses] and assigns them to appropriate classes
  4. The InSite system manager provides feedback to each affiliate and implements the enterprise’s policies

• All data is stored in the secure InSite database and can be reviewed to verify compliance


The lnSite™ solution provides significant improvements in providing enterprise’s response to events in terms of timeliness, privacy, efficiency, and completeness

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