InSite™ Event Response Management

Unplanned events can adversely affect an organization’s operations and bottom line. InSite, a SaaS product, is the first of a new class of Event Response Management [ERM] solutions. InSite coordinates people and systems including all of the legacy and stand-alone physical security systems they depend on for event detection, reaction and coordination through a managed exchange of trusted messages using existing mobile devices and systems. Nothing operates, functions or looks like Maxxess InSite.

InSite™ Combines “System Intelligence” with “Human Intelligence”

The Maxxess InSite Awareness and Response Coordination System combines “system intelligence” and “human intelligence” to detect and respond to unfolding events in real-time – all of which is queued, organized and displayed on a single highly-intuitive user interface.

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InSite™ Coordinates Your Security

By providing trusted and well-organized information in real time, Maxxess InSite truly enables early action, allowing IT, Operational Technology and Physical Security departments within organizations to correlate data, improve response coordination, and deal with issues when they’re small – before they become large and costly.

InSite™ Implements an Open-Architecture Framework

Maxxess InSite features an open-architecture framework to accommodate virtually any security or business intelligence application with comprehensive functionality. Many leading manufacturers are already integrated with Maxxess InSite, providing more combined capabilities and functionality than any other cross-platform solution available. This allows Maxxess InSite to be configured for virtually all applications, employing any combination of software modules and hardware to deliver each user with a highly-customized solution to serve their needs with unparalleled efficiency.

InSite™ Helps Managers Respond and Manage Unplanned Events

InSite is designed to combine events from both internal and external issues onto one simple platform. Each implementation is completely customized to reflect the rules, policies, and procedures of the organization, and makes use of existing systems and communication mechanisms – including personal mobile devices.

InSite then helps coordinate both internal resources [e.g. people and systems] and external resources [e.g. first responders or government agencies] to deliver an appropriate response, including distribution of trusted information and direction to internal personnel, external support personnel, and other stakeholders. InSite also helps manage all the data including data fusion, analysis, and implementation of policies and procedures in support of the event “tail”.

The “tail” is the post-event impact to the organization, and it is different for each unplanned event. For example, if a water pipe breaks, after the event employees may not be allowed in the area for fear of electrocution. In the short run, the tail may be “Fat” (requiring multiple tasks) because of clean up, recalibration of equipment, replacement of infrastructure, and similar tasks. In the longer run, the tail may also be “Long” (timing) as people cannot return to work until tasks are complete. InSite is designed to support your organization through completion with coordinated, trusted messages to all relevant parties.

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