InSite’s Virtual Panic Button for Education

Many school districts, individual schools and support facilities have long required a panic button system for unplanned or emergency events. Although panic buttons have existed on school campuses for years, it is difficult to cover every single corner of a campus, let alone an entire district, with panic buttons due to budgetary constraints. When people are under duress or in danger, they can become confused. Where is that panic button? Classroom teachers usually work alone, and usually do not have access to more sophisticated panic systems. And now with states, like New Jersey and Florida passing Alyssa’s Law, which calls for the installation of silent panic alarms that are directly linked to law enforcement, now is the perfect time to consider a panic system for your school today.

With this in mind, Maxxess developed the first suite of Virtual Panic Button Solutions. The InSite Virtual Panic Solution provides K-12 schools with the lowest cost of entry for proactive protection. It’s versatile, fast and easy to implement, and extremely affordable.

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Send a Panic Alert From Anywhere

With the new InSite Virtual Panic Button system, you can trigger an emergency request from any of these convenient locations – whichever is closest at hand:

  • From your smart devices, tablets and phones
  • From any keyboard connected to any computer on the network, including both hardwired and WiFi connectivity
  • From a hardwired or wireless physical button installed in strategic locations
  • From a wearable device (e.g., a pendant)

The InSite Virtual Panic Button system can normally be implemented using a wide range of existing security systems and is scalable to grow with future security investments. The best part is that all the alerts arrive to one central dashboard that can notify law enforcement and activate campus wide notification.

Maxxess Helps Solve The Challenges You Face

The InSite Virtual Panic Button system is designed to support important objectives within your educational environment, including:

  • Making open areas more secure. Maintaining a safe and secure environment conducive to learning
  • Combatting gun violence
  • Ensuring timely and consistent emergency communication to all school facilities and personnel
    • Coordinating teachers
  • Notifying law enforcement in the case of an emergency and improving first responder response times
  • Having critical data like floor plans, forms, instructions and contact information available for a timely response
  • Leveraging, if possible, extensive third-party system integrations with existing or new security systems including marquees, 2-way radios, CCTV, access control, and so much more
  • Having full details from a panic alert including, but not limited to, school name, address, user who initiated panic, location of the panic button, and more
  • Having a cost-effective security solution
  • Complying with all student privacy laws
  • Minimizing costs of litigation by having all panic activities logged
  • Maintaining a consistent set of policies and procedures
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