Santa Ana Schools Upgrade Emergency Notifications

“We implemented InSite to manage emergencies such as active shooters or natural disasters, but as the world continues to evolve, our policies and procedures can be updated as needed.”

Camille Boden
Executive Director of Risk Management
Santa Ana Unified School District

Emergencies come in many shapes and sizes, and each requires the need to provide fast and accurate information. The Santa Ana Unified School District (SAUSD), which  encompasses 60 schools in Orange County, CA serving about 50,000 students, only had a basic notification system in place, and school administration knew they needed a more robust system to ensure the safety of their students and staff. Maxxess Systems InSite Emergency Notification and Incident Management fit their needs, so much so that there are plans to extend the already completed installation.

In a recent development, the school system was able to add the self-certify COVID-19 solution also available as a part of InSite. By implementing this capability as a new software function to the existing system, they were able to leverage the value of their installation in response to the pandemic while minimizing operational disruptions.

Download the full case study and learn how SAUSD:

  • Assessed their longstanding challenges and priorities
  • Identified desired system functionality
  • Implemented InSite and coordinated with first responders
  • Continue to leverage InSite to address new challenges such as COVID-19 related concerns

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