Event Response Management and Collaboration Solutions

Helping Organizations Coordinate their Response to Unplanned Events

Innovative SaaS solutions from Maxxess are implemented around the world in a diverse set of industries. The systems are primarily designed to handle critical unplanned events such as natural disasters, cyberattacks, and workplace violence. They also excel at supporting organizational responses to a wide range of less critical events that can affect employee, customer, and visitor safety. They capture a wealth of information on a daily basis that can be used to improve operational efficiency and help management staff notice developing situations that can be managed before they grow into larger, more costly problems.

Here are some examples of industry-specific solutions that make use of InSite’s unique combination of “systems intelligence” and “human intelligence” to better detect and respond to unfolding events in real time.

Maxxess InSite security management software integrates with other security systems
Health Risk Management

Health Risk Management (Contact Survey)

The recent pandemic has highlighted the health-related risks to organizations of all kinds, from businesses, to retail stores, to assisted living facilities. The InSite solution can support fast communications with staff to assess and address potential health risks, and can even help detect issues when equipped with suitable health assessment devices.

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Duty of Care

When workforces are remote, companies still have a duty of care to monitor their status and to provide timely security, HR, and IT support. The InSite solution can help keep track of team member status and route support requests to the appropriate manager or team, while tracking responses and keeping confidential information secure.

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When a lockdown is triggered, danger can be on your doorstep – so immediate action is required. The InSite solution can help ensure that team members, first responders, and even on-site visitors have the information they need right away, and that their actions are coordinated.

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Natural Disaster

When a disaster strikes, either natural such as a tornado, flood, or earthquake, or accidental such as fire, one of the first, and sometimes most difficult, tasks is to ascertain the status of people in your facility and direct the right kind of assistance to those that need help. The InSite solution can help even when services like power or phones fail.

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Enterprise Hacked

Enterprise Hacked

When the network of an enterprise is hacked, it abruptly changes the level of trust and confidence that staff can place in the IT system. The InSite solution can quickly help managers initiate and coordinate the response with no dependence on the potentially compromised corporate network resources.

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Facility Fire

When a fire, chemical spill, or other serious incident occurs at a business facility, organizations need to take action to dynamically manage the corporations staff, including both on-site and remote workers. The InSite solution can help teams of all kinds contact affected workers, determine their support needs, and coordinate business continuity.

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Fire Alarm System

Fire alarm systems can have limited capabilities without the right responsive setup – potentially delaying team member notifications.

Learn how to enhance your fire alarm system capabilities by improving notification and evacuation response times with the InSite Solution.

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Maxxess offers response coordination solutions for K-12 education applications

K-12 Schools

School districts can better coordinate emergencies in real-time with a comprehensive event response management and collaboration solution from InSite. K-12 schools can dramatically improve their response times with a powerful new security and operations solution that enhances the power of their people and existing systems on a single, highly versatile and powerful platform.

Maxxess offers security solutions for campus applications

Higher Education

Campus settings are an ideal application for InSite Event Response Management solutions. Education and business campuses often host a wide range of activities with an open flow of participants, and employ numerous physical security systems. By managing campus security systems, communications, and intelligence data on a single platform, overall situational awareness and collaboration are maximized, and customized operational rules and procedures can be established and maintained.


Hospitals are large, complex facilities, often with multiple buildings and floors, parking facilities, and many sensitive areas. It is always a challenge to ensure safety and security while presenting a positive and open experience for patients and visitors. InSite Event Response Management solutions bring together information from all the diverse access and security systems to provide managers the total collaboration of people and technology they need to best manage risks and safety for patients, staff, and visitors.

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