When Supporting Your People is More Than a Responsibility

Use Case: Duty of Care

Situation: An Enterprise finds it necessary to support significant numbers of its in-house staff who must perform their responsibilities in their own homes

Key InSite™ Solution Capabilities:

  • Monitor status of all off-site staff on a regular basis using Check-In features
  • Automatically assign support requests to appropriate managers and response teams such as Security, HR, and IT
  • Manage and respond to issues while keeping confidential information secure
  • A forensic report of the support the Enterprise provides for staff you require to work off-site 

Current Response

Email, Webinars, Telephonic Requests

  1. Create an ad hoc Email or phone status reporting capability for off-site employees and assign personnel to monitor and update records
  2. Coordinate information among teams with Email distribution lists of teleconferences and/or webinars
  3. Assign staff to monitor incoming Email from at-home personnel and assign support requests for response 
  4. Individually follow up to ensure the response to support requests was consistent with the Enterprise’s duty of care 

lnSite™ Response

Elapsed Time: Minutes

  1. InSite Check In automatically maintains a dynamic status of all off-site personnel 
  2. InSite automatically routes any support requests to appropriate managers and teams and maintains the status of all open requests
  3. InSite Survey can communicate updates and quickly analyze feedback from off-site personnel regarding announcements, policies and other support considerations
  4. InSite can support analysis of the status of all off-site personnel and alert managers to temporal, geographic, or functional trends in support requirements
  5. InSite maintains a complete forensic record of the status of all off-site personnel, all requests for support from the Enterprise and the Enterprise’s response to those requests


The lnSite solution provides significant improvements in providing enterprise’s response to events in terms of timeliness, privacy, efficiency, and completeness

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