When Your Enterprise Has Been Compromised

Use Case: Enterprise Hacked

Situation:The Enterprise has been hacked 

Key InSite™ Solution Capabilities:

  • Initiates and manages the response of all personnel in the Enterprise with no dependence on the [potentially compromised] corporate IT or Network resources
  • Responds within minutes [or even seconds] of the detection of the hack
  • Updates the status of the Enterprise’s response on a regular basis with little or no on-going effort

Current Response

Messaging: Compromised

  1. The Enterprise sends emails and/or text alerts to all affiliates notifying them of the breach (using an unsecured network)
  2. The Enterprise calls the IT team to give instruction and receive status (assuming the telecon network is still available)
  3. The Enterprise receives sporadic emails and/or calls with status updates from their impacted personnel and must decipher which are real or potential attacks
  4. The Enterprise implements its policy depending on the status that is communicated

lnSite™ Response

Messaging: Trusted, Private & Secure

  1. The InSite system manager sends an InSite Survey form to affiliates stating “There has been a breach in the Enterprise’s network, please acknowledge”
  2. InSite Mobile users then respond by acknowledging the trusted message and can include any details that may be relevant to the situation 
  3. The InSite system manager can then assign tasks and reports via InSite to specific departments to aid in the response (e.g. IT is assigned the task to contain the breach)
  4. The InSite system manager and all assigned parties provide feedback to each affiliate and implement the enterprise’s policies


The lnSite solution provides significant improvements in providing enterprise’s response to events in terms of timeliness, privacy, efficiency, and completeness

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