Enhancing Your Existing Systems Capabilities

Use Case: Fire Alarm System

Situation: Corporation Responding to Fire Alarm (How to Avoid Common Fire Alarm System Problems)

Key InSite™ Solution Capabilities:

  • Enhance the capabilities and features of existing hardware like your Fire Alarm System
  • InSite’s mobile app can improve Fire Alarm notification and evacuation response times
  • Use InSite for mustering with no additional equipment required
  • Identify faulty equipment proactively
  • GPS capabilities allow you to geo-locate the Fire Panels in alarm mode to improve response time
  • Limit false alarms

Current Response

Limited Capabilities

  1. The Enterprise Fire Alarm is triggered
  2. Designated internal staff responds to the alarm by physically walking over to the fire panel and looking at the display to determine the alarm location
  3. Team members go to the alarm location to determine what is happening
  4. The Enterprise notifies employees via email and phone calls of the status (false alarm or live fire)

lnSite™ Response

Enhanced Capabilities
and Features

  1. The Enterprise Fire Alarm is triggered
  2. InSite system sends an alert to appropriate staff’s mobile app stating “Pull Station third floor. Please confirm status”
  3. InSite displays the Geo-location of the pull station on both the dashboard and mobile device to improve the response time of the appropriate Enterprise staff
  4. InSite mobile users can send eyewitness reports of the situation in the area of the pull station to the staff
  5. After confirming the status (false alarm or live fire) then the InSite system manager can send a survey to those workers impacted to gain awareness of the situation immediately
  6. InSite system manager implements the Enterprise’s policies to coordinate a response to the alarm
    • In addition, InSite mobile users can report any maintenance abnormalities with the Fire Panels


With InSite, the response is far better – it is faster, more private, more efficient, and more complete

InSite is compatible with a wide range of existing fire alarm systems, avoiding the cost of rip and replace as well as dealing with new compliance requirements

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