When a Coordinated Response Saves Lives 

Use Case: Lockdown

Situation: Facility Lockdown in Response to a Direct Threat [e.g. active shooter] 

Key InSite™ Solution Capabilities:

  • Automatically implements a systematic response through the security systems [e.g. Access Control system] while, at the same time coordinating with affected personnel
  • The InSite solution can communicate curated Trusted Information from outside sources [e.g. first responders] to affected individuals
  • The InSite solution can receive real-time updates from affected individuals and can distribute these updates in a managed manner

Current Response

Action: Manual

  1. Threat is reported by person via phone call, email, text
  2. Personnel on-site must call the PA system and make announcement over the PA system, they must lock the doors from their access control system, they must call 911, they must radio all Security staff, they must activate their marquee plus strobe lights, and any other processes required for a lockdown
  3. The Enterprise sends emails and/or text alerts to all affiliates at the site notifying them there is an active shooter and they are in lockdown
  4. The Enterprise collects and analyzes all responses, emails or texts. This will largely be a labor-intensive process 
  5. The Enterprise implements its policy depending on the responses it receives

lnSite™ Response

Elapsed Time: Minutes

  1. Threat is reported by personnel on their mobile phone using InSite Eyewitness or via one of several duress options using a PC keyboard or emergency button
  2. The Enterprise goes into immediate lockdown depending on their policy and procedures. This includes automatic lockdown of their door locks, automatic activation of the PA System with a voice recording saying “Lockdown, Lockdown, Lockdown,” automated radio notification to security staff, and automatic activation of marquees and strobe lights
  3. First responders are alerted to the threat and dispatched
  4. Security management broadcasts lockdown message with specific instructions for faculty/staff and students
  5. The InSite system manager quickly views the responses from faculty/staff and coordinates next steps
  6. The InSite system manager provides feedback to each affiliate and implements the enterprise’s policies


The lnSite solution provides significant improvements in providing enterprise’s response to events in terms of timeliness, privacy, efficiency, and completeness 

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