When a Direct Response is Required For Those Who Need Help

Use Case: Natural Disaster

Situation: Facility damaged or destroyed by natural occurrence [tornado, flood, earthquake, etc.] or by local issue [e.g. fire, toxic material spill, etc.] 

Key InSite™ Solution Capabilities:

  • Surveys the status of all [or, at least the vast majority] of the individuals who might be in the facility within minutes and provides a direct response to individuals who are known to need help
  • Has no dependence upon the public services [e.g. power, telecon, etc.] of the facility or the corporation
  • Updates the status of the corporation’s response on a regular basis with little or no on-going effort

Current Response

Elapsed Time: Hours to Days

  1. The Enterprise sends emails and/or text alerts to all affiliates inquiring on their safety status
  2. The Enterprise contacts first responders and internal security/safety personnel by phone to provide instructions and details
  3. The Enterprise receives sporadic emails and/or calls with status updates from their impacted personnel
  4. The Enterprise collects and analyzes all responses, emails or texts to identify who needs help. This will largely be a labor-intensive process
  5. The Enterprise implements its policy depending on the responses it receives

lnSite™ Response

Elapsed Time: Minutes

  1. The InSite system manager sends an InSite Survey form to affiliates stating “There has been an Earthquake. Please inform us of your status”
  2. InSite Mobile users then respond by selecting either Need Help, Safe, or Away and can include any detail or images relevant to their response 
  3. The InSite dashboard then collects the affiliates responses and locations to provide the system manager with total awareness of the situation including who hasn’t responded
  4. The InSite system manager can then assign tasks and eyewitness reports via InSite to specific departments to aid in the response (e.g. Operations is assigned the task to provide transportation to take personnel away from fragile buildings)
  5. The InSite system manager and all assigned parties provide feedback to each affiliate and implement the enterprise’s policies


The lnSite solution provides significant improvements in providing enterprise’s response to events in terms of timeliness, privacy, efficiency, and completeness

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